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The Travelling Dress

I consider myself so privileged to have been able to be part of the travelling dress

experience arranged by my mentor Sue Bryce and Dress designer Tolulope Lawal my Nigerian sister, we call her Tee, This beautiful dress has been travelling the world

photographed by amazing photographers who are members of Sue Bryce Education and The Portrait Masters. I had the pleasure to be the second UK based photographer to receive the dress after visiting the

talented Lenka Jones in Bray just outside Windsor.

So who would I pick to me my muse and photograph ?

Her name is Serena Akpre and I’ve know her since she was a baby, I met and became good friends with her mother while we were picking up our older children from the local school.

Now at 19 she’s at university studying law and I couldn’t be

prouder. One of the funniest things she mentioned in conversation was that “studying law was nothing like How To Get Away With Murder (“the tv drama series). I am looking forward to watching this amazing beautiful young woman achieve her goals and live her dreams.

The dress is now in the hands of Surrey based Photographers Lynn Margolis and I look for to seeing what I’m sure will be wonderful images.


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